What a Star!!

It feels like it’s been a very long wait but at 11.54am today, Wow gave birth to a light fawn girl, Twinkle, sired by Timbertop CT Goldmine ET of Beckbrow. She weighed 8.6 pounds and Mum has been a total star. It took just 23 minutes to deliver the baby. I saw her waters break – nothing spectacular just an uncontrollable trickle – but it all went super quick from there. Wow was so calm all the way through. Twinkle was up on her feet in 10 minutes and feeding by 20 minutes. She continues to feed well and has dried out beautifully in the sunshine here at Blencogo – the light breeze has definitely helped. I don’t expect to achieve anything else constructive today, all my time will be spent sitting in the paddock gazing at Wow and Twinkle full of awe and admiration. How she even fitted inside her mum is beyond me!! Hope you like the pictures. Next it’s eyes on Peri who will probably wait until at least next weekend to show us what she’s got. Time for a quick shower before I head back out!! Dj I’m sorry but I won’t be gardening today…. Thank you everyone for the lovely reactions and comments on our Blencogo Farm Facebook page!! Share the love!

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