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To book your Alpaca Experience just give me a call: 016973 61066

I’m Kim and my ‘day’ job is as a freelance Event Host & Broadcaster  http://www.kiminglistv.com

I got my first two alpacas, Marco & Pedro, in March 2014. This was swiftly followed by the purchase of several more the following month. Our first cria (the name for a baby alpaca) were born in 2015, HeyMrDj and Lucky Star. Newsflash and Fizztime were born June 2016, Twinkle arrived in June 2017 and Little Boy Blue was our cria for July 2018. Flick was born June 8th 2019.

The alpaca fleece is put to good use with much of it turned into yarn and then crocheted or knitted up into alpaca clothing and accessories.
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All of our alpaca products are handmade using 100% Blencogo Farm Alpaca yarn, knitted or crocheted with pleasure (and often while enjoying a glass of wine!) We hope you love them. Visit our online shop or do come and see us. Any questions, give me a ring! 016973 61066

Kim x


This is Twinkle, our female cria, born June 17th 2017. She’s 36 hours old here and as you will see, she has definitely found her legs!!

We – and the alpacas – at Blencogo Farm were asked to feature in a short film for BT after we took up fibre broadband in our rural Cumbrian village, Blencogo. This is the end result, made by Fides Media for BT.

About Alpacas

Alpacas are a domesticated species of South American camelid. There are two types of alpaca, Huacaya and Suri. The residents at Blencogo Farm are Huacaya which have dense, crimped, woolly fleece. It’s soft, durable, luxurious and silky and not itchy at all!

Alpaca Noises

Alpacas hum a lot. They do it when they are content, worried, bored and even when eating. If they are startled or frightened, they sometimes make a chirrupping sound. During mating the male alpaca makes a unique noise which is called orgling.

Alpaca Breeding

Alpaca babies are known as cria. An average pregnancy lasts around 350 days. Alpacas tend to give birth between 9am and 3pm. Cria feed from their mothers for about 6 months. At Blencogo Farm we try and plan our births for the summer months.

Alpaca Habits

Alpacas are curious, playful animals. Yes they can spit. though they don’t do it often. It’s partially digested grass, so it’s green and a bit smelly, but it washes off and isn’t harmful. Alpacas can kick with their back legs, don’t stand behind them or annoy them!