Triplets for Snowflake

Herdwick action at Blencogo Farm! Snowflake decided today was the day and went into labour about 6.20am. Moppet was quite a struggle to deliver, Poppet was easier, but the surprise of the day was Titch who appeared quite unexpectedly!! It’s been a bit touch and go with Moppet, she took forever to get it together but all three seem to be feeding now so we are cautiously optimistic! Titch is, as her name suggests, titchy, possibly the tiniest lamb I have ever seen, but believe me, she seems strong and is the loudest of the three. I have managed finally to get out of my onesie – thank you DJ for the flattering shot 🙂 It’s been a proper rollercoaster of emotions since first thing this morning – and it’s not even wine o’ clock yet…but trust me, it will be soon…..although Tinsel is showing signs of wanting to drop whoever she is carrying!!

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