And eventually Sunshine came out!

After a traumatic delivery for first-time mum Pebble on Wednesday evening, Sunshine was dragged into the world. It was stressful for all involved but thank you to Eilidh and Sarah for¬†coming to help us. I won’t share the gory details with you but we got her breathing and this afternoon, aged 24 hours, she ventured out of the stable for the first time. Feeding has proved a bit of an issue for Pebble – basically she doesn’t want to let baby drink AT ALL! But with help from DJ and I we are hopeful that it is working now – we made sure she got plenty of mum’s colostrum yesterday and has had several good assisted feeds today. It is still early days but Sunshine seemed quite pleased to feel real sun on her back. Thank you to everyone who has asked how she’s doing. That’s our lambing done for 2017 – Alpacas Peri, Wow and Party Girl due to give birth towards the middle/end of June. I’m sure I’ll be excited once I’ve caught up on my sleep!

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