Double Whammy!! That makes 6…no…10!!

Thank you for all the likes, reactions, shares and comments. What a momentous day!! Tinsel decided it was a good time to go and followed Snowflake’s lead with another set of triplets!! At least she did it it at wine o’ clock! We had hail, thunder and snow shortly before but she did wait for the sun to reappear – the alpaca boys weren’t remotely bothered!! Blizzard (it was shortly before birth), Storm (ditto) and Tempest. Tinsel is a fantastic mum and all three are doing good so far. Going to be a long night checking all six babies. From 4 Herdwicks to 10 in 12 hours. I’m slightly in shock and definitely in awe of all proper sheep farmers who lamb hundreds….thousands….aaaaargh. Pebble, our first timer, is yet to go BUT at least I can keep a closer eye on her now. This is the soppy bit: It’s been very emotional watching these two fantastic mothers do their thing during labour – I guess I was on the other side delivering my two babies (hahaha – nearly 19 and 18 now!!) but I am totally in awe of their courage and strength. Thank you daughter for bringing home food and Owen and DJ for all your support on the phone. Feeling pretty damned happy, knackered, wired at Blencogo Farm at the moment!!

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