And so it goes on…..

Sleepless night here at Blencogo Farm. The main thing is everyone, animals and people are all ok so far, just cold, wet and a bit scared. Massive thanks to Cumbria Fire & Rescue, Wigton on call crew. They have done a brilliant job of tying down our ‘Wizard of Oz’ stable (it’s still in situ sitting in the trees in the poultry orchard), weighted down the flying hay shed and generally made things as safe as they can until the weather calms down. Chickens and ducks are locked up for the day, alpacas and herdys taking shelter and apart from being very wet and windblown, seem ok. Thank you for all the lovely messages of support. It’s still scary and a scene of devastation in the field but the sun will come out eventually.

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  • So very sorry you’ve had so much damage. The only good thing is that you and your animals are all ok. We wish you well with the cleanup.

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